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Components for drilling rigs

The engineering company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ) offers oil and gas production equipment as well as separate drilling tools and turn-key complete field construction projects for oil-production enterprises in the Republic of Turkmenistan (Turkmenia).

Technical Proposal
Rig substructure

Drilling rig substructure is per API 4 °F Specification. There are following substructure types available:

  • box on box type
  • prefabricated type
  • slingshot type
  • hinge over type
  • telescope type
Drilling derrick

The drilling derricks are conformed to API 4 °F specification; various types of derricks (masts) can be supplied, e.g.:

  • A type
  • K type
  • Tower type
  • Mast type
Mud pumps

A wide program of duplex and triplex mud pumpsof UNB, UNBT, DBNT as well as P and F Series can be supplied.


The drawworks include roller bearings, alloy steel shafts, pressure lubricated chains and have duty-load design.

Rotary table

The rotary tables conform to API Spec 8A. They include gear and main bearing with spacer made of alloy steel. The tables are suitable for API standard casing bushing and special yoke and are supplied complete with reliable seals.

Swivel joints (swivels) for drilling rigs

The swivel joints for drilling rigs are designed according to API Spec 8A and have swiveling union with standard bail and double neck; quick disconnecting construction for packing replacement without disconnecting the rotary hose and lift; with puff port for well logging.


Крюк буровой установки изготавливается по API Spec 8A. Имеет гидравлический амортизатор для защиты замка бурильной трубы во время обрыва, надежное защитное замковое устройство на зеве крюка.

Rig travelling block

The travelling blocks for drilling rigs are designed in accordance with API Spec. 8A. They have rugged body to extend the wire rope service life, complete with high-tensile-strength elevator bail; all sheaves are interchangeable and provided with double tapered bearings with oil ducts.

Crown block

The crown blocks are produced according to API Spec 4 °F and 8А and SY / T5527 standards with extended service life. They are equipped with surge protection, gin pole, sand and axial block; the sheaves of crown block are interchangeable.

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